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Market research

Market research

We helps our clients to make  right market decisions based on our accurate pharmaceutical market research date that is grounded in reality and designed for action.

Our market intelligence experts work closely with you at any stage of your product’s lifecycle. Your access to our proprietary tools for healthcare market research give complete freedom to make right  decision, modelling and analytics.

Some of our market research highlights are

Market & Competitive Intelligence:
Competitive intelligence is critical to successful partnering and CPC works on a range of CI options designed to help in the competitive positioning of your product and technology.

Scientific Reviews

Our industry experts will review and assess your products to determine its Unique Selling Points and the level of attractiveness of your product.   We will also determine the scientific credentials and identify any additional areas that require consideration ahead of partnering.

Market Assessments
BSC provides a review of the market prospects for the product portfolio which can then be developed into a valuation forming the basis for the subsequent negotiation.  This activity provides an insight as to how the product may be positioned and portfolio can be developed.

Competitor Analysis &Reviews
Understanding the competition is vital whether it is competing technologies, competition in the market place or partnering competition.  Our reports provide an assessment of the competitor landscape to maximise the chance of successful partnering.



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